Ghost Recon Breakpoint: 10 Survival Tips from Beta Players

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Beta gave players their first taste of Auroa’s hostile wilderness – here are their best survival tips. Sponsored by Ubisoft.

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38 Replies to “Ghost Recon Breakpoint: 10 Survival Tips from Beta Players”

  1. aaron maxim says:

    It would be less boring tips to use if I had my teammates like wildlands

  2. This games fun I like it .

  3. Wakane says:

    The tip to rule them all. Use your credit card to buy all those sh*ts in mtx. You'll then SURVIVE anything.

  4. sea rider says:

    This game looks lame, bring back the old devs from summit strike and make last man standing with a shrinking map IE: Battle Royale = instant Hit!

  5. Antoin Rose says:

    Tip Number 12: Don’t get it, and you won’t have to worry about it ?

  6. Tip 11 – Tell the Devs to fix the damn game.

  7. Dogo Knite says:

    There is nothing survival about any of these tips

  8. Well, fairly simple.

    Plan your attacks.
    Stay hidden.
    Use the environment to your advantage.
    Do not start fights you cannot win.

  9. Im not gonna take no advice from any fkn british female..ill jus learn as i play

  10. Do only what you need to for mission completion, you don't need to clear the base, unless its in the objectives. This keeps you in Ghost mode and alive, without alerting the base. Only tag enemies if your 12 yrs old or younger, this way you can reap some minor real world skill.

  11. Maclues says:

    Don't be seen. Don't be heard. And don't drop any bodies.

  12. cyle baker says:

    I will buy this on Black Friday half off lol

  13. Vanderos_ says:

    Tip for online PvP:

    When playing PvP one of the easiest ways to kill people (particularly as a sniper) is seeing the bright red uniforms that some people decide to wear. So please use camo, and here is how.

    Before loading into a game, you have the option of 5 different uniform loadouts and the ability to switch the skins on your weapons. There are three different types of terrain that you encounter that require different uniforms; jungle, snow and bushland. There is also the time of day aspect which are day and night.


    Before entering PvP make one loadout completely jungle camo including the face paint and a full-face mask. Repeat this on next three loadouts for snow (use white), bushland (use olive) and night (use black).


    As you cannot save weapon skin loadouts you will need to edit them once you enter the game, make sure that before you enter PvP that your weapons are black as this is the best for all terrains and you might not have time to change them. Once in, you will need to quickly switch the camo to the terrain.

    Time of day

    Basically, when choosing what camo to use if its day time pick between jungle, snow and bushland but if it is night always choose night camo.

    Q1: Does this work?

    Yes, I have had people lay down right next to me in games and not notice I was there

    Q2: Trick to make it even better?

    Almost every piece of clothing displayed is optional, including your BIG, OBVIOUS, and OBNOXIOUS armour and backpack. What you can do, is while editing your loadout you can remove the display of these items which significantly reduces your profile but doesn’t affect your stats.

    Q3: Any clothing tips?

    Use beanie as your hat, a mask that covers as much as possible, use a hoddie as your top, any long pants and wear gloves.

    Your welcome

    PS: you can't name loadouts so try your best to remember

  14. mrliamw1996 says:

    BAEMOTH ?? , is not how u say the largest drone

  15. david geiken says:

    Is the beta closed now!?

  16. They used wildlands gameplay LMAO ?? ????????

  17. If this is a GRB video, than Why are you using footage from another game, IGN???

  18. Unosonic says:

    You only need one don't buy breakpoint it is trash game

  19. RaidWulF! says:

    For that last tip… I highly recommend using the Drone Camo spray as well when you are playing as the Panther class, cause with that the Behemoths twin GAU 8 cannons become virtually useless & the fight becomes too easy. You all have to do is avoid the mortar fire cause without any visual confirmation, it can only track via sound. (I assumed as much at least.)
    Point is, Nomad+Spray=Easy Drone kills

  20. Agherosh says:

    Remember to pick up bandages to heal your injuries, oh wait, there's barely injuries and bandages are infinite. = Absolute survival.

  21. 0:04 tshirt ? Snow? that alone kills it for me haha

  22. S.Joseph18 says:

    Ghost recon came out in spring didn’t it ? Why couldn’t devs take a couple more months to tweak breakpoint and listen to more feedback until spring at least ?

  23. Verse says:

    It's ubisoft and their games always have cheap generic graphics… I'm not buying.

  24. MetalDeth777 says:

    Dude…what happened to this game? Passing for now.

  25. Tiger Thomas says:

    Why y’all got clips from wildlands in the begging lol

  26. Disappointed to find out its a looter shooter
    Was looking froward to playing it

  27. I am thankful for the beta b/c this is a skip for me. After Borderlands 3 and Greedfall this …. is ….. so very bland.

  28. Geralt Rivia says:

    Tip beta players: don't buy the game

  29. I killed one guy and the the guy next to him didn’t notice

  30. cjones29hd says:

    I actually like Wildlands better than this game. They basically made Ghost Recon into a looter shooter similar to The Division 2. Absolute crap to me.

  31. Savannah M3 says:

    I can't believe I spent the price for the ultimate edition… Hopefully there's a big day 1 patch.

  32. This is one of the most generic games I’ve ever played

  33. Tip 12; if you have Wildlands just save your money. Breakpoint is only slightly different and not at all worth another 60 bucks. The driving is still lousy and the enemies are dumber than ever. Theyll forget about you and the friend you sniped in about 20 secs. Its still very buggy, things just stop working for no apparent reason. Base jumping is even worse this time around. Motorcycles stop on a dime no matter how fast youre going but your character is constantly walking off of ledges bc he/she cant stop without taking 2 or 3 extra steps. I spent about 10 hours playing and its very mediocre. 7-7.5 at best

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