My Best Game of the Month – JULY – PUBG PS4 Pro Solo Livestream

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My Best Game of the Month – JULY – PUBG PS4 Pro Solo Livestream

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27 Replies to “My Best Game of the Month – JULY – PUBG PS4 Pro Solo Livestream”

  1. proofSzilko says:

    check out my Updated Setting video here:

  2. You earned a sub

    I was all read a sub

  3. chris fell says:

    Wow a pro player kills 15 ppl who play the game for fun

  4. Eren Demiray says:

    Hello i'm a beginner and i started game this morning.Can u help me,because i m a noob ?

  5. PUBG_KFC says:

    Proofszilla… BEAST mode!

  6. did you buy ps plus to play pubg, i am just a beginner

  7. WuZet_one says:

    beautiful played keep up the good work!

  8. Ahmad 1993 says:

    nice round prof, i want to ask as u play on ps4 pro do u active boost mode?

  9. Dean Myster says:

    An awesome high kill game, GG.

  10. That nade kill was dope! I need to learn how to throw that far wit that much accuracy. GG bud also i like the d eagal. Cant wait to take 2 turds out at once with it.

  11. SweetCheesus says:

    What are your settings??

  12. Symie8 says:

    “Ha Ha! Nice try……………that’s real bad”! Proof in a nutshell. Always the gent. Even feels guilty after a good kill ?
    Was a good match to watch the first time. Even better the second. Man I wish I was 15 year younger with the reflexes of cat! Excellent watch as always boss. Just superb ???

  13. Patrick xxx says:

    How did You get them weapon skins ??

  14. Johnski ! says:

    Haha this one, I watched this on livestream, I wondered why you didn't post it with the vid you did of the challenge but now you did! Such a good game, a dream to watch bro!

  15. Fabel213 says:

    Lets Goooooo ????????

  16. First+ amazing gameplay bro keep up the good work

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