PUBG – Season 4 – Erangel Tour Guide Episode 1

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Welcome to the Battlegrounds Tour Agency’s
tour of Erangel!

21 Replies to “PUBG – Season 4 – Erangel Tour Guide Episode 1”

  1. 1:34 i just got flashback
    I thought it's farcry 4 for a sec

  2. It would be nice if I was in that jeep irl

  3. This could be better if air russia explains this

  4. Мне одному нравится кака он говорит kameshki sosnovka

  5. 2:00
    A bunch of players arguing
    The pilot finally decided he had enough and dove down

  6. More!!!!!! Do them about mirmar, shanhok and vikendi please #!!!!!!

  7. Bro i dont have pc to play pc i play pubg mobile but on full graphics setting do you play with me user name – aoskap

  8. best tour I've ever seen …

  9. Flames says:

    2:02 someone called in an ac-130 and had it shot down

  10. This map is way different on the mobile version

  11. لو تدخلوا منطقة الاهرامات المصريه في الخريطة وجهة نظر

  12. fomhil. says:

    УАЗ-469 был выпущен в 1973 году!

  13. SteeL says:


  14. PenRiot says:

    Too many cheaters and hackers in PUBG mobile

  15. The F.B.I says:

    2:50 how i can get those outfit?

  16. What is the meaning of eye on red flag?

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